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...  Signature Asia, Bangkok-based, bringing Scent Marketing to Thailand and South East Asia with subtle, refreshing French fragrances.

The Signature story began with a meeting between a passionate and hard working perfumier with more than 25 years experience in the perfume industry, and an entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of South East Asia who was willing and able to provide scent marketing technology. Together they decided to combine their expertise and bring the scents of Provence to Asia.


Using only the finest scents from Grasse, the renowned centre of perfume excellence, Signature Asia can now offer you the widest possible selection of fragrances, together with highly knowledgeable advice, to ensure your choice of fragrance delivers the maximum benefit to your business.

By employing the finest Provencal craftsmen, our exceptional expertise is also able to offer you the opportunity to develop your very own signature fragrance; your unique property, specifically tailor-made to match and enhance your operation environments.

Our state of the art diffusion technology, patented and extremely efficient, reproduces exactly the scent of the selected perfume, as we do not use any dilution materials, and the minute scent particles are finely and evenly distributed throughout the nominated location.

To make our scents easily accessible, we provide a flexible rental solution that includes the scents and the appropriate diffusion system. We believe passionately in providing great, and personal, customer service and we closely monitor equipment and fragrance usage to ensure our clients are never troubled.



According to the Sense of Smell Institute, the average human being able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors.