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The final frontier, integrating our fifth sense into a truly multi-sensory experience.

Studies have indicated that incorporating scent to create an exceptional multi-sensory environment for products and services delivers a much more pervasive message; the human brain is most receptive when all five senses are in play and under such circumstances will optimize memory retention.



Scent marketing, though, is more than just creating a pleasant smell; rather, it is about enhancing the overall experience through carefully selected, subtly used, fragrances. In retail settings, the relaxing and inviting ambience created by the properly selected scent will stimulate customers to spend further time with you and to more favorably appreciate the environment.  

At Signature Asia, we have combined traditional French knowledge of natural scents and perfumes with the latest, patented, technology to help you select fragrances that will positively stir emotions and enhance perceptions of your products and services.



According to the Sense of Smell Institute, the average human being able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors.