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Precise, pure, effective fragrance diffusion

At Signature Asia, we use a patented fragrance delivery technology that is easy to use and fully programmable to adjust and regulate the intensity, in order to optimize the efficiency. It uses specially designed nozzles that convert the scent into mist particles so fine that they behave like a gas and remain suspended as they are transported on the natural airflows of the environs.


With this "dry-mist" diffusion, we are able to achieve a natural dispersion that is free of solvents, propellants or other degenerating volatile organic compounds. Our fragrances remain unadulterated and pure. It is an environmentally friendly, safe and effective system, extremely efficient in ensuring that the fragrance is subtly and evenly spread.

We offer a range of diffusers, depending on the size of the area to be scented. Whether it is for an inside or outside diffusion. Our smaller, discrete, free standing model is suitable for a room area of up to 600 cubic meters, whilst our larger diffusers, ideally linked into existing HVAC or air-conditioning systems, are capable of effective dispersal for areas up to 10,000 cubic meters

We offer the equipment, together with the carefully selected fragrances, on an affordable rental agreement; thus you save on investment and can control your budget effectively, as there are no unforeseen maintenance and replacement costs.
Signature Asia - combining perfectly the art of perfumery with the latest technology.



Many air fresheners employ carcinogens, volatile organic compounds (Benzene, formaldehyde etc..) and known toxins such as phthalate esters in their formulas to prolong the length of time that scented products maintain their fragrance, that can aggravate asthma and affect reproductive development.