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The ultimate Scent Marketing fulfillment -  create your very own, unique & distinctive Signature frAgrance.

Our professional, experienced and creative perfumers combine centuries of craftsmanship with the latest technologies; they will work with you to develop an exclusive and protected fragrance that will perfectly, and seamlessly, blend with and augment your brand's attributes.


Starting with detailed knowledge of the type of environment to be scented and of the target audience, a selection of blended samples will be created from which to choose the most suitable. Each sample will be developed in the full knowledge that it is a unique and protectable scent.

Once one has been selected, our legal associates, well versed in signature scent law, will provide the Certificate of Exclusive Rights for the scent. It is then yours to use and market as you wish, to enhance brand values and to provide a retail revenue opportunity in its own right, if so desired.

Signature Asia - helping you perfect your brand's total individuality with its own unique fragrance.



- Apple Store boutiques
- Zara boutiques

Some signature references created by our Perfumers